My Pics For Modern Pendant Lighting This Year

In this vibrant and also technologized global we are privileged to stay in, you can be spoiled for option when it pertains to Residence renovation. Making use of modern-day lighting provides you a convenience that could dramatically transform the look of your home or office in a short while. This sort of lighting, suspended by a cable from the ceiling is offered in diverse varieties on the decor market. There are several lights designers throughout the global and with the charm of technology they are simply a click away. Here are a few of my favourites:
Foscarini Lighting provides contemporary illumination styles from their architecturally stunning premises in Venice. They create both out and interior necklaces of remarkable beauty.
Not to be left far behind is British lights designer Tom Dixon. This lighting layout business was begun in 2002 but has accomplished lots of turning points via their British heritage inspired styles. Like Foscarini, they additionally provide alternative valued designs for various financial strengths with ranges from US$ 250 for the Trace Tall Necklace Light to some big rates like the Black Sphere Pendant Light for up to US$ 9 700. All are available at my favourite lighting shop in Perth.
New Zealand based self-taught furnishings designer David Trubridge is the favourite of conservationists with his layouts motivated by nature, most likely a suggestion he obtained from his many journeys by sea. His styles are mostly for interior usage and also they are eco-friendly, mostly using wood, plywood and also non-toxic plastics which make certain minimal waste as well as commercial impact. Even the shapes of his styles are discovered in nature like the reef and snowflakes. His layouts create a heat which is difficult to obtain anywhere else and also the charm of it all is that he supplies these designs in many colour alternatives. Nature must be costly considering that David Trubridge’s layouts look the most expensive of the 3 with varieties from US$ 360 climbing to$16 580, however then, do not all of us strive for much less industrial footprint?

A lot of pendant lights is economical in regards to energy consumption and typically use halogen or fluorescent bulbs. It is a residence enhancement technique that anybody could utilize without concern of bring in high energy costs to the rate of the lighting, thank goodness for the high varieties of reduced voltage models. There is a wide range to choose from.
Afew a lot more changes to come


Making usage of modern necklace illumination provides you a convenience that can considerably transform the look of your home or office in a brief while. Foscarini Lighting provides modern lights designs from their architecturally spectacular facilities in Venice. Most pendant illumination is affordable in terms of power consumption as well as typically utilize halogen or fluorescent light bulbs. It is a house improvement strategy that any person could make usage of without fear of including high power costs to the cost of the illumination, say thanks to goodness for the high numbers of reduced voltage models.

Lighting As An Interior Design Element

tom-dixon-lighting Most of us light our rooms for one major purpose: ease visibility, right? I thought so too until after having my interior design class a few days ago on how lighting can be used an aesthetic to interior design. Lighting the room can be done for various purposes. You will be shocked by the many options you have for designed lighting bulbs and stands courtesy of one British designer Tom Dixon lighting. I have found his designs irresistible and anyone looking to decorate their interiors with light that speaks to you must have a look at what he has to offer.

There is general lighting. This is lighting up the room for the sole purpose of illuminating surfaces to eliminate the darkness and ease visibility within the room. For this purpose, normal fluorescent tubes are used because of that white light that is bright yet still gentle on the eyes. Such can be used in the living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens where light is required. Table and floor lamps can also be used for this reason. This lighting is basic but still very essential. For general lighting Tom Dixon lighting has a range of lamps and lamp stands ranging from the Trace table lamp which has a magnificent diamond shaped top that illuminates your room. Trace Tall is another lamp that resembles a candle and gives out the shine in a soft ambiance. What better ways to welcome guests to your living room than to have one of these lamps simply do the welcoming for you?

Specific task lighting is another creative way to use light. This lighting is mainly used to boost the lighting provided by the general lighting by adding more light to enable the carrying out of a specific task. For example a table lamp at the dinner table during meal times. You can get stylish with these lamps and pick statement designs. The lamp does not have to be only for light, you can pick an antique design that speaks of a deep heritage and rich culture. A modern lamp shows class. Think of matching up the dining lamp and its ambiance with your cutlery for that complete look.

dixon-lightsLighting creates a special mood in the room depending on the color of the light. The white light, as we have seen above, is mostly for visibility purpose. What if you have this special person coming over for a special dinner and you want to impress, or just create the right mood. The color of the lighting you choose will quickly convey the mood by creating the desired atmosphere. You can invest in a lamp that produces reddish light. The aura created by such light conveys a romantic mood. It does not only have to be for that moment, you can have such a lamp for your bedroom. It gives some tranquility in the mind.

Lighting can also be used to create an illusion of space in a room. Natural light is a great way to create space in a room that otherwise appears dark and crammed with stuff. You can harness natural by positioning your window to get maximum light. However some man-made well designed lamps can also achieve this effect. You want your home office to look spacious to give you that feeling of relief. Corner lamps and centrally hanging lights create an illusion of more space. A great place to start is to check designer pendants like the Linear Pendant system which is a system of several pendant lights grouped together as one. This to me is the epitome of style when it comes to lighting.

Photographers will tell you the essence of having proper lighting for the shoot. The light goes a long way in determining the quality of the pictures however how great or beautiful the model is.

Tom Dixon Edge Web Pendant LightLighting can also be simply for decorative purpose. Think of stylish chandeliers and pendants. Gold and glassy appearance is a great combination for ceiling lighting. The magnificence of the gold combined with the pure illumination of light through the glass surfaces is an enriching view.

The lamp, pendant, designer bulb could be the greatest masterpiece in your interior. Remember you can never go wrong with Tom Dixon lighting.

Light defines beauty because light enables you to see and appreciate the beauty around you.

My Thoughts On Interior Lighting

I’m  studying interior design in Sydney but i have a special liking for Italian designer lighting. Italian designer lighting work is considered to be a trendsetter in the world. Be it any kind of design- fashion, automobile, industrial design lighting or interior-design. Italian design houses and fashion homes are very famous for their distinctive and creative products world wide. The quality of workmanship and creativity in their concepts makes their designs unique and class apart. Richness and elegance in the designs with crafted detailing is the specialty of the Italian designers.

Modern-Interior-DesignItalian interior design is known for its modern and contemporary look. Interior designers work on the design lighting, architecture and furniture. The coordination of color combinations and selection of floor coverings, curtains and other interior items is also decided by interior designers. In other words, interior designers have to apply their creative and technical knowledge to build an enhanced interior environment and lifestyle products.

Interior designers have to consider about the aesthetic elements and practical considerations of lighting required, colors of the wall paint, furniture, structure of the room, energy efficiency and cost while designing. Generally, dark-paint colours tend to absorb the light and make the room appear abit smaller and dim. Whereas, light paint colors just do the opposite, they make the wall reflect light and makes the whole room appear bigger and more illuminated. Designer lighting contributes greatly in decorating the interior look plus the ambience of a whole room.

When considering designer lighting the first thing you can do to add more light to your room is to avoid clutter. Put in only enough designer sofas that are necessary in the living room setting. Avoid squeezing too much furniture in one small place, this also goes for art.

Another great tip when you want to brighten your house is to use more white. You can also put the white in the shelves or mouldings around the room or have lamp shades that are white in color. Fluorescent bulbs offer more white and natural lighting therefore are very ideal when you want to brighten your house, but still keep the natural feel to it. You can also input more contemporary furniture that adds a brighter feel to the whole setting.

It is also a clever idea to install mirrors around the room or in furniture in strategic areas where they will reflect the light. You can consult with furniture designers on this so that you have the maximum natural light coming in. Having more natural light is good since it will add more positive energy to the room and make it livelier.

The main types of interior lighting are:

  • Ambient lighting- This is used for creating very few shadows and is generally, used as a background lighting of an area.
  • Accent lighting- This is used for highlighting or building emphasis on any object or any architectural feature. For highlighting, the placement of light should be done with a shield attached, in such a way, so that the light should be directed to the desired focus.
  • Task lighting- This lighting is done to provide illumination to a specific area for daily task activities like cooking, reading, sewing etc. Task lighting in study rooms or study tables or in the kitchen is done to prevent eye straining and helps in the performance of vital activities.
  • italina-interior-designAesthetic lighting- This type of lighting is done for decorative purposes and for making any work of art (statue or painting) or any object aesthetically appealing. Neon lighting and spotlight illumination on any statue or painting are examples of aesthetic lighting. This type of lighting should be done with other interior lighting for producing good effects.

Each and every designer light, whether it’s kid’s lighting effects, floor lights, pendants, ceiling lamps, hanging color, lamps, or any type of lighting effects, is actually special inside a means. A lot of things are usually evaluated to make each section of lighting effects such as layout, design, color, type plus the electricity. The beauty of each section of residence lighting effects is actually so it is able to give a face-lift towards the total aspect on the town inside strikingly distinctive along with wonderful means. For anyone whose kitchen areas adhere to more classic type developments, residence lighting effects will effortlessly should mimic this specific layout. It is possible to however work with current fittings for example spotlights yet have to allow cautious thought to exactly how, along with exactly where, they are extra.

My Interior Design: Lighting Ideas

Not many people choose to work with interior designers when moving into a new home. If you have an eye for detail, like me, you will be fine designing your own space. But if you gave no idea how to put stuff in the right place, then please let us do the work for you. I have seen houses that look really good on the outside but once you step in, you imagine how much better it could have looked if they put that chair there and used these colours instead of those. While most people may look at it as being expensive and fancy, I see it as a necessity. What people don’t know is that it takes very little to turn your boring old living room into a beautiful space. You don’t have to change much. Even changing your lighting and just re-arranging your furniture can go a long way in making your home look better.

Manage your colours

interior-lightsHave you ever walked into a room and you felt like you strained to see some parts of the room because the lights were too dim? Or you walk into your friends place and it looks like he’s got floodlights in there. It’s really simple; dark colours will make your room look smaller and cramped up and gives off a kind of cold feeling. On the other hand, lighter colours do just the opposite and accentuate all the features, giving your space a nice lively look. You should also experiment with directing the light to different places. Usually I advise people to take down that single super bright bulb that hangs at the centre of the room. Replace it with smaller lamps and watch them transform your room.

Different types of lights

There are many types of lights you could place in your space but you need to know which one is best suited for you. I know a guy who loved chandeliers, and wanted to put one in his house and so he did. It did not last a week. He took it down because it his house just wasn’t suited for a chandelier. Well, at least he took it down because in most other homes, people just keep using the wrong type of lighting. Never use a fluorescent tube in your house, unless it’s for the garage or the shed. Chandeliers are made for open foyers and entryways of really huge mansions because of their central placement. Wall lights are perfect for corridors, because they make it look longer and spread light evenly.

Task lighting

Interior of the stylish apartment 3D renderingIf you have a small work desk in your room and you prefer your work environment with bright light, you don’t have to brighten up the whole room just for the sake of the desk. The idea of task lighting is to brighten up small areas of the room that need more intense light. In the case of a small desk, you may need a small table lamp. However, you may need to watch just how bright the lamp is or you will end up hurting your eyes.

Accent Lighting

Aesthetic lighting is usually the most difficult to pull off. This is because it must be accompanied with other lighting strategies in your interior design. Items like a dim neon sculpture can do a long way in changing how your space looks. You could also have a small spotlight that shines on a wall painting or sculpture. This is my favourite lighting technique because it lets you show off the best architectural features of your space, not to mention all of your precious objects. This type of lighting should definitely be brighter than the other lights in the room, and if possible, of different colour like the Philips Hue bulbscan achieve.

accent-lightsAs much as you may try to beautify your space with lights, nothing quite beats natural light. So before you buy that dream house, go and have a look at how the windows are placed with respect to the direction of sunlight. It’s going to look unattractive if you’ve got dark areas in the house when the sun is shining. Now that you know how important lighting is in interior design, experiment a little and you will be amazed with the difference you will see.


5 Interior Design Trends Of 2014 That Will Blow Your Mind!

The dynamic nature of Interior design translates in to new trends emerging almost every year, and 2014 was no exception. This year’s trends are bolder and dramatic, in addition to being easily accessible. This has been attributed to the global economic crisis that has prompted many homeowners to cut down on their spending. This has led to a sharp decrease in the number of people purchasing new materials to update their home’s look. However, this is not to say that interior design is a costly affair, on the contrary, there are some affordable trends that homeowners can try out. Creativity has become the most essential ingredient in interior design in 2014, with homeowners increasingly becoming creative in the customization and personalization of their homes. This has led to the emergence of creative trends in interior design that were non-existent before this year began.

The change in interior design trends can be attributed to a number of factors. Firstly, more people are recognizing the importance of interior design. This new found appreciation has created a population of creative homeowners, willing to experiment with different interior design ideas. Below is a sample of 5 interior design trends 2014.

  1. Use of bright colors

Interior-Design-with-Complementary-Colors4Some years back dull colors such as gray, greige and baige were dominant in homes. This has however, changed as homeowners are today opting for brighter and saturated colors such as plum and navy. These saturated colors are preferred due to their ability to blend with various styles and colors. Thus using these colors, homeowners are able to create a colorful décor for their interior. Homeowners are today experimenting with different shades depending on their preferences and personalities. The experimenting is often done on furniture and other home appliances. This trend is one that is gaining popularity rapidly.


  1. Use of durable fabrics

durable-fabircsDespite harsh economic conditions many homeowners have shifted from the use of simple cottons and linens to the use of luxurious materials such as velvet and suede. This trend has been attributed to the durability of these materials. Unlike cotton and linen, velvet and suede are durable materials. The durability of these materials means that in the long run a homeowner will save funds. The sophistication of these materials is another factor that has contributed to their popularity. Corduroy is another of these materials that is rapidly gaining popularity. This is another popular trend that has characterized the interior design scene in 2014.


  1. Modern meets vintage

vintage-interior-design-ideas-14In a bid to save on costs most homeowners have resorted to complementing their modern furniture pieces with vintage pieces. This mixing of patterns has created a trend in interior design. Antique chandeliers have made a come back, with many homeowners opting to purchase vintage and antique materials. This mix of antiques and newer furniture pieces has been used to personalize homeowners’ living space.


  1. Green designs

green-vertical-gardenThe ongoing global green campaign has influenced this new trend in interior design. Homeowners are today opting for recycled appliances or materials made from recycled materials. This is in a bid to cut down on costs and also to contribute to a green environment. This is one of the unique trends in interior designs of 2014. The adoption of green design has contributed to the popularity of fiberglass doors, which are more energy efficient compared to traditional wooden doors. The affordability of LED lighting has also led to the adoption of LED lights for interior and exterior lighting, which is another emerging trend in interior design.


  1. Open floor plans

open-floorThis is one of the more extensive and expensive interior design trends of 2014. Homeowners are quickly making the transition from closed plan kitchens to open kitchens. This new trend features an island between the kitchen and the living room. This trend normally involves some structural alterations to remove the wall that separates the living room and the kitchen. This trend has appealed to many homeowners as it creates more space. The space created dramatically changes a home’s outlook making it look larger. This trend was influenced by many homeowners’ desire of having larger kitchens that could accommodate their families. Homes with insufficient space have had to remove the wall connecting the kitchen to an adjoining room to create additional space for movement. This is one of those trendy interior designs that gives homeowners the chance to exploit their creativity with different textures and furniture pieces. It is a trend to try this year!